“Fishing at Hogarth’s”, Tim Portlock and Beatriz Santiago Munoz, Chicago Public Art Group, 1995

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A project of the Chicago Public Art Group.

“Fishing at Hogarth’s”

“This aesthetically challenging mural reflects the heterogeneity of the artist team–students from Prologue Alternative High School–and of the polyglot Uptown community itself. Eschewing a singular narrative for a style foregrounding experimental collaboration, the team drew from a variety of artistic and literary sources–comics, collage, classical painting, WPA murals, graffiti, and William Carlos Williams’s poem cycle Paterson–to present a complex vision of the neighborhood indeed, of America. This mural explores the notion of “community” and the role that public art can play in defining various communities within a diverse urban neighborhood.”

1108 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL 60640. Completed 1995. Artists Tim Portlock and Beatriz Santiago Munoz.
This mural, painted on the west-facing retaining wall of the El tracks at the Lawrence stop, was designed and painted with the help of 11 Prologue Alternative High School students.

Chicago Public Art Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to unite artists and communities in partnership to produce quality public art and to extend and transform the tradition of collaborative, community involved, public artwork.


Youth Artists- Andre Koyama, Jesus Koyama, Yekeen Adagbada, Biola Adagbada, Oluwaseyi Sarumi, Moullid Mohammed, Jamie Parks, Christian Noriega, Dushawn Jones, Chrisa Childs, and Shaundel Owens.

From the Chicago Public Art Group website.


Under the Overpass: Public Art in Challenging Spaces


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View looking north from across Lawrence Ave.


Photos: Jeffrey Littleton


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