“Roots of Argyle”, Bro. Mark Elder and students, 2005

“Roots of Uptown” 2005

The Roots of Argyle is a centennial celebration of the historic movers and shakers of the community that made up Argyle Street from 1900 to 2000. The artist chose the front doorway façade of the old Essanay Studios on Argyle Street as the main architectural motif of the mural.

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“Cornucopia”, Lynn Basa, 2014

“The neighborhood around the Argyle station abounds with variety.  Cultures mix in a melting pot of cuisines, art, music, and color with joyful abundance and harmony.  I think of each of these flower forms as unique individuals, each one with their own distinctive personalities, moving through the Argyle station on their way to someplace else.” 

-Lynn Basa


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