“Immigration Journey”, Ginny Sykes, Julia Sowles-Barlow, 2003

alt2The 50 sq ft mosaic was done and dedicated in December 2003. The mosaic was done in 5 weeks with teens and sponsored by Alternatives Agency Inc. The teens, who came from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, took the subject of racial profiling literally by including their profiles in silhouette. Aspects of the design depict other elements of their journey to Chicago.

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“Upstanders”, Green Star Movement, Kamelia Hristeva, Anna Soltys, Michal Taylor , 2010

Photo Credit: Jane Hertsfield
Photo Credit: Jane Hertsfield
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“Lakefront Abstractions”, Ginny Sykes and Julia Sowles-Barlow

Margate Park Playground

Lakefront Abstractions

“Part of a new model for integrating public art into playground and park settings, the bench design is an abstraction of water, sand, and natural elements. It references the overall theme for the park which is the lakefront and its environs. Teens and comunity volunteers assisted during the project’s production.”


“Cornucopia”, Lynn Basa, 2014

“The neighborhood around the Argyle station abounds with variety.  Cultures mix in a melting pot of cuisines, art, music, and color with joyful abundance and harmony.  I think of each of these flower forms as unique individuals, each one with their own distinctive personalities, moving through the Argyle station on their way to someplace else.” 

-Lynn Basa


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Chase Park Mosaics

Seen from Ashland Ave.

Location: Ravenswood – 4701 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL
Year(s): 2012
Participants: 90 [9th-12th grade students]
Square Footage: 3500
Partner(s): After School Matters
Green Star Team: Kamelia Hristeva, Anna Soltys, Michal Taylor
Description: Spanning two sides of the Chase Park fieldhouse, the mural celebrates diversity of all kids including age, ability, culture, and ethnicity.

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